Benny Harrison


The man is multi-talented...gifted in so many ways that he is at first overwhelming, and at the same time  amazingly accessible. His music is a gourmet's blend of urban, pop, funk, r&b and latin. Sophisticated mixtures of rhythm, soul, jazz, blues, latin fire, raw funk and energy. He is surrounded by some of the greatest musicians on the planet.  Benny has shared stages with these greats for decades. Now they are all rejoicing at the reappearance of  Benny And The Spydrs, a band whose raw power has been inspiring musicians in New York for decades.

This is no overnight wonder.

After a recent reunion show by Benny and The Spydrs at one of New York’s iconic clubs, Will Lee, known for his work in the Letterman Band (also on thousands of recordings), said it best “This was one of the greatest performances I’ve seen in my twenty years of coming here. The Spydrs MUST continue! This was just great! Benny must continue!”

In fact, if you were to ask  PAUL SHAFFER of the DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW, BETTE SUSSMAN,  musical director for BETTE MIDLER, CHARLEY DRAYTON,  TOMMY JAMES, the hit songwriter,  or countless other  well known artists/ musician/ producers,  they would ALL say, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

A beloved friend, accomplished musician, outstanding piano player, versatile and soulful singer, respected band leader and musical director, and a tremendously gifted songwriter.  His music reaches deep and touches many.  Benny’s time has certainly come.

He’s a hardworking talent whose efforts have contributed to the  performances and recordings of ANGELICA TORN, CORY GLOVER, SLASH, PETER CRISS, HIRAM BULLOCK, PHOEBE SNOW, and OSCAR HERNANDEZ.

Benny was born in Harlem.  His parents are of Puerto-Rican and Scottish descent, leaving Benny’s many musical tastes from both sides of the “pond".  

As a child, Benny would often hear the street-players of New York City singing and playing their congas, maracas and guitars on the streets literally right under his grandmother's apartment window in Harlem. That rhythmic sensibility was an organic template to what was to follow in his musical career. Having grown up listening to the likes of Celia Cruz, the Fania All-Stars, Elvis, The Beatles and many Motown artists, Benny realized his musical influence was a hybrid of both worlds and has pursued a passion for many musical genres.

Benny and the Spydrs are the buzz in the New York music scene. filling houses and rockin’ audiences wherever they go.

And now Benny’s time has come. His goal is clear. Play great shows and expand the audience with the Spydrs, reach as many people as possible and get some of his tunes placed in the made for television world, for On-and Off -Broadway shows, and in films.

As for Benny’s thoughts...when asked about all this “new” enthusiasm, and says,  “It’s About Time1”

Click on the pictures below to listen to the Songs and view lyric sheets

One More Time

w/Corey Glover

written by

Benny Harrison

Dangerous Game

Written By

BHarrison/R Blood


2010 -

Blood Stained Hands

BHarrison/Vicky Bell

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